How He Dines – Ben Camille

How he Dines – Ben Camille

Studies show that it is not only what you eat that reveals information about your personality, but also how you eat it. Ben Camille, a Maltese personality known for his role on the beloved show Strada Stretta, and for hosting the 2016 Malta Song Contest, sits down and reveals all of his favourite culinary experiences and dining habits.

Ben Camille has been a massive food fan since the 16th of August 1988. He finds it quite hard to really focus on developing a hobby when he enjoys everything that he does – work is not really a chore if it is fun, so Ben dedicates his free time to enjoy what he finds to be the biggest pleasure in his life: food.

You have never seen the face of true confusion unless you have asked a foodie what their favourite food is, and Ben lives up to this expectation; after all, why would anyone want to discriminate against one of their biggest source for happiness? After much-needed deliberation, a decision was reached. “Gourmet burgers are a craze that I am really enjoying at the moment. Meat, steak and baby back ribs are good competitors but certain burger establishments are really starting to stand out. A good combination of meat and burgers is something which I could see myself eating for the rest of my life.” Some other honourable mentions were voiced: pizza and pasta, but American cuisine tends to stand out.

So far we know he loves to eat, but can he cook?

Well, there are two kinds of people in the world; those who cook well and those who eat well, and Ben is quite content with being the latter. “I am hopeless at cooking, but in all fairness, I have never tried. It would be very sad if I were to be put off food altogether thanks to tasting my own cooking, so I am more than happy to leave that up to the professionals and truly appreciate the food that I am eating, be it dining out or ordering in. It is always one or the other unless someone is cooking for me.”

“I am a big food adventurer; I will try anything once so when I go to a restaurant I really like to have a good go at the menu, or better yet, not look at it at all and have the chef make me a dish with a few of his best recipes.” Intimate dinners with his girl are a favourite but he also really likes eating with his friends, in particular, a best friend common to all man, his dog. A restaurant that welcomes pets is Ben’s favourite type of place. All of that together with a friendly staff that makes you feel like home shape up his ideal dining experience.

However, as the saying goes, there can be no gain without some pain and Ben knows this all too well. “Last year, my girlfriend and I went on a cruise. There were times during the holiday where the only thing to do was eat, so we made sure to visit the gym two times a day and burn the calories off. Not many people know that I am actually graduated as a P.E teacher so I really value health and wellbeing. My motto is to eat hard and train harder, that way I can always have one meal where I eat whatever I want without feeling guilty.”

We may not know him as a P.E teacher, but we do know him as a beloved Maltese celebrity, and many celebrities have iconic dishes named after them, so as a famous personality himself, would Ben want to see the Ben Camille on any menu? “Do I really want a dish with my name? Not really, but if it had to exist I would want it to be a rib burger, a heavenly combination that would leave me licking my fingers for hours.” And when it comes to comfort eating, Ben does not really turn to food “because for me eating is a joyous occasion, so why would I want to associate it with anything sad. I do not want to look at a food item and think about how sad I felt when I ate it.”

Oh Ben, spoken like a true foodie indeed!


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