IATA, Eurofins team up to boost testing options for Travel Pass app users

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has agreed a partnership with clinical testing firm Eurofins to integrate its worldwide Covid-19 testing lab network into IATA Travel Pass. Eurofins has 800 laboratories across 50 countries. Eurofins laboratories will provide verified test results to travellers using the app. Results are checked against the IATA Travel Pass registry […]

France plans to open borders for foreign travellers this summer

France hopes to allow entry to foreign vaccinated visitors this summer. French President Emmanuel Macron said officials are discussing options to open France to vaccinated ‘American and European’ travellers this summer. He didn’t specifically say if that would include travellers from the UK. France will start scaling down lockdown restrictions from next month and start […]

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Race to save Cyprus corals from Climate Change, Mass Tourism

Many people think Cyprus has no corals, says marine ecologist Louis Hadjiannou. If climate change and coastal development continue unabated, he fears, they may soon be right. A fisherman’s son who hails from the Mediterranean island, Hadjiannou loves to put on his wetsuit, fins and mask and plunge off the dramatic rocks into the turquoise […]

Barbados to relax restrictions for vaccinated visitors

Barbados is to relax entry requirements for arrivals who have been vaccinated from next month. Visitors with both doses of either the AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech or Johnson & Johnson vaccinations) can enter Barbados from May 8 with less restrictions than non-vaccinated arrivals. Vaccinated visitors must still provide proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test result […]

MALTESER PLEASER Explore the enchanting Mediterranean island of Malta by cart, boat and tuk-tuk

AS the GPS says, “You have reached your destination” we gasp: “Wow!” Gleaming in the sun, the Grand Harbour of Valletta, Malta’s capital, is reflected in the blue waters. What a destination. My boyfriend Robert and I are on a two-hour Rolling Geeks tour of the Three Cities — Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua — just […]

Israel removes mandatory wearing of masks in public

With effect from Sunday 18th April, Israel has become the first country to officially remove the obligation to wear a mask in public. Despite this, the country’s health authorities are still suggesting that masks should be worn when many persons are together. The country launched a strong vaccination campaign and has now decided to test […]

Restoration of Hagia Sophia sets example for world

Istanbul’s landmark Hagia Sophia Mosque underwent restoration using the most advanced techniques setting an example for the world, said the provincial director of culture and tourism. Dr. Coşkun Yılmaz stated that Hagia Sophia has a history of 1,500 years, and the political, social, cultural and natural disasters experienced in this process also left its traces […]

Best Diet for Energy: 10 Foods that Help Beat Fatigue

Many people experience fatigue here and there. This overwhelming sense of tiredness minimizes productivity and can make the easiest of tasks seem impossible. The foods we eat have a direct correlation to how our bodies perform. ‘Fueling‘ ourselves with the right type of foods can help increase our energy levels and maintain your alertness and […]

Visit 12 Countries In 80 Days On This Trip Around The World—No Flying Required

Launching in 2023 in honor of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Jules Verne’ Around the World in 80 Days, this epic trip journey across Europe, Central Asia and North America takes just under three months and requires no flying. Specialist travel providers Undiscovered Destinations have just opened bookings for its 2023 Around the World in 80 Days private tour, […]

UNWTO, ONCE Foundation and ENAT – Delivering Accessible Tourism for All

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will continue to build on its successful partnership with the Spanish ONCE Foundation and the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT). The three parties have agreed to extend their partnership agreement for a further four years to ensure that their work to improve accessibility, in every part of the tourism […]

WHO, UNEP and OIE call for suspension of trade in live wild Annimals in Food Markets

We have certainly all heard of WHO in these times of COVID-19 pandemic, and of UNEP in these challenging times of Climate Change. However, some may not be so familiar with OIE, although, in the context of the issue of viruses from wild animals affecting humans, perhaps the OIE is the more important. OIE stands […]

Food Wastage requires greater attention in Travel and Tourism post-pandemic

This increase in awareness around food wastage will increase pressure on companies operating in the travel and tourism sector. Reducing or recycling food waste is a priority because of the COVID-19 pandemic The initiatives currently in place to combat food wastage from tourism is not enough Removing large-scale buffets in hotels would go a long […]

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