Spanish Islands Top latest Booking Rankings

Tenerife and Majorca were the most booked destinations in the week to August 1, new data shows. Late bookings for this summer dominated although there was a swing towards winter sun from summer 2022, according to the latest activity report by price comparison site The Canary Islands dominated winter 2021-22 bookings, accounting for around […]

COVID-19 impact on Airlines cost $126bn in 2020

New IATA performance figures for 2020 confirm the devastating effects on global air transport during the year of the Covid-19 crisis. Total industry passenger revenues fell by 69% to $189 billion in 2020, and net losses hit $126.4 billion. The worst year on record for airlines saw passenger numbers more than half from 4.5 billion […]

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Malta | eCabs Sign Agreement with Germany-based outfit M-TRIBES.

The partnership is a first step towards the internationalisation of eCabs’ technology. The founders of eCabs and M-TRIBES, a Germany based software provider for mobility and logistics businesses recently announced to extend their technology partnership and offer a unique bundle of ride-hailing and delivery software and services in Europe and Northern Africa. Following their collaboration […]

Morocco Archaeologists Team announces Major Stone Age Find

The site dates back 1.3 million years Archaeologists in Morocco have announced the discovery of North Africa’s oldest Stone Age hand-axe manufacturing site, dating back 1.3 million years, an international team reported Wednesday. The find pushes back by hundreds of thousands of years the start date in North Africa of the Acheulian stone tool industry […]

Why you can Test Positive for COVID-19 despite being Vaccinated

Many people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus believe that they won’t catch COVID-19 since they got the shots. Let’s see how realistic that belief is. Thousands of so-called “breakthrough cases” – a coronavirus infection despite full immunity after vaccination – around the world have proven that some get infected despite being vaccinated, especially […]

2,300-year-old Fish Skeletons found in Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast

Locals of Patara ancient city ate tuna fish, sea bream in 3rd century BC, says expert Fish skeletons dating back to more than 2,000 years ago have been discovered in Turkey’s Mediterranean coast during recent excavations in the ancient city of Patara. The excavations led by Erkan Dundar, an archeology professor at Akdeniz University, have […]

How to keep Bread Fresh in Hot and Humid Temperatures

Even a day after it’s baked, bread just doesn’t taste quite the same. A baker will tell you to just eat it as fast as you can. But besides that, what’s the best way to keep it fresh – fridge, plastic bag, bread bin? Counter to common practice in North America, food experts say it’s […]

Greece Looking to Further Develop its Religious Tourism Product

Greece is looking into ways to tap into the growing potential of religious tourism, Greek Deputy Tourism Minister Sofia Zacharaki said last Thursday. Speaking during a round-table discussion that took place on the island of Rhodes, Zacharaki confirmed Greece’s potential as a growing religious tourism destination. “We expect the role of Greece’s religious and pilgrimage […]

Istanbul’s reverted Hagia Sophia Mosque welcomes Millions in a Year

Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque marks the first anniversary of its reversion to a mosque Saturday and in one year, it received more than 3 million visitors It was an iconic moment in Istanbul and Turkey’s history when Hagia Sophia left behind its status as a museum and was restored to its former glory as Hagia […]

Malta | Corinthia Palace Hotel to partner with Michelin-starred Restaurant Bahia

In a gastronomic first for Corinthia, the luxury hotel Corinthia Palace announces new home for renowned restaurant Bahia. Corinthia Palace has announced its exciting partnership with gastronomic award-winner, Bahia, as it continues to set standards for luxury hospitality in Malta. As part of that partnership, the popular Michelin-starred restaurant will move from its historic, converted […]

UNWTO | Tourism Takes Action on Plastic Waste and Pollution

Tourism businesses and destinations are stepping up their commitment to sustainability. Aimed at reducing waste and pollution across the sector, the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative (GTPI) is welcoming 32 new signatories, with every global region represented behind the shared goal. The Initiative unites the tourism sector behind a common vision to address the root causes […]

Archaeologists discover 2,500-year-old artifacts in western Turkey

Archaeologists unearthed two 2,500-year-old marble statues and an inscription during excavations at the Temple of Zeus Lepsynos, one of the best-preserved Roman temples of Asia Minor, in Turkey’s western Muğla province. Built-in the second century B.C., the temple is located in the ancient city of Euromos. Abuzer Kızıl, head of the excavation committee and faculty […]

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