Hesitancy exists over Inbound Travel to Europe

Co-ordinated rules on international travel will be crucial to instil confidence in tourists considering visiting Europe this summer.

Travellers from overseas markets are still hopeful to travel but are also cautious about considering Europe as a destination due to the continuous lack of harmonised rules on travel across the region after more than a year of Covid-19 restrictions.

Unity and consistency of safety measures will be of key importance if European destinations are to capitalise on recent positive developments, according to the European Travel Commission.

While respondents to a new poll wishing to visit Europe in summer 2021 remain uncertain about the exact timing of their trip due to travel bans and fragmented processes across destinations, results reveal that July and August are the most desired months for holidays, with 31% of Brazilian, 26% of US, 25% of Chinese and 22% of Russians hoping to visit the region in August.

ETC executive director Eduardo Santander said: “With the planned opening of European borders over the coming months, it is imperative that clear and coherent messages are communicated to international travellers wishing to visit Europe.

“The restart of European tourism in summer 2021 is now a realistic possibility.

“Still, our research shows that a lack of clarity, coupled with a disjointed and uncoordinated approach, means that travellers are hesitant to consider Europe as a destination right now.

“However, with progressing vaccination campaigns across the world, we have high expectations for the late summer and strong autumn season.

“The right investment in travel promotion and in boosting tourism confidence will play a significant role in salvaging this summer and beyond.”

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