EasyJet will use Uniforms made from Plastic Bottles

UK-based Low Cost Carrier, easyJet has introduced new uniforms for cabin crew and pilots, each made from around 45 recycled plastic bottles.

It is estimated that with the widespread use of the uniform, approximately half a million plastic bottles will be prevented from becoming plastic waste each year.

With these uniforms, the airline plans to prevent 2,700,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or the oceans within 5 years. EasyJet said that the high-tech material is produced using renewable energy sources and has a 75% lower carbon footprint than traditional polyester.

On the one hand, easyJet is working to reduce in-flight single-use plastic materials and replace them with recyclable alternatives whenever possible.

Tina Milton, easyJet Cabin Services Director, said:

“Climate change is an issue for all of us, and at easyJet, we are looking at all parts of our operation to see where we can reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste.

“We are excited to be debuting this new pilot and cabin crew uniform made from recycled plastic bottles and to introduce it for our pilots and cabin crew colleagues. We know that sustainability is an important issue for them and also for our customers.”

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