Digital Nomads Welcome in Malta, The Hidden Gem of The Mediterranean

Malta, an archipelago in the Mediterranean is now welcoming digital nomads from non-European countries with a newly launched Nomad Residence Permit intended to give third country nationals, including from the US & Canada, the opportunity to work remotely from Malta for a temporary period. This initiative will be open to COVID-19 vaccinated applicants only.

Malta already hosts a significant digital nomad community, mostly made up of EU nationals who do not require any permits due to freedom of movement. The new permit is intended to reach new niches beyond Europe, as global mobility continues to rise and gain popularity, post-Covid.

“Malta has jumped on the bandwagon of increased demand for remote working globally, as the pandemic shifted goalposts and new trends are being set,” said Charles Mizzi, Chief Executive Officer of Residency Malta, the government agency that manages the permit.

“Individuals who can work remotely using technology and entrepreneurs with a flair for traveling and discovering new countries and cultures are being made welcome,” continued Mr Mizzi. “If there are any lessons learnt from the pandemic is that people are willing to move more than ever before. Malta is a country that has much to offer – from its pleasant climate and Mediterranean island lifestyle, to its rich history and heritage, hospitable people, excellent broadband infrastructure and access to world-class health care services. Indeed, nomads will feel right at ease the minute they land here. And with English being an official language and the language for doing business, communicating with locals will prove to be an easy task.”

Those wishing to work from Malta, for a temporary period of up to one year (renewable), must be vaccinated, prove they can work remotely, independent of location. They should either work for an employer registered outside of Malta, conduct business activity for a company registered outside of Malta, and of which they are partners or shareholders; or offer freelance or consulting services to clients whose permanent establishments are in a foreign country. The process is straight-forward and Residency Malta promises an efficient service that discerning nomads expect.

“People are on the move and Malta is capitalising on this global trend,” said Johann Buttigieg, Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Tourism Authority.

“Digital nomads are no longer a niche in the tourist market. More and more people with regular jobs who are currently working from home post-Covid are exploring ways of combining this new way of working with mid-term and long-term travel and the discovery of other cultures. We believe this paradigm shift towards working remotely is here to stay, so there is no better time than now for attracting entrepreneurs who wish to migrate temporarily as well as digital nomadic culture vultures on the move across the world. Malta is an ideal destination, a safe, English-speaking cosmopolitan, Mediterranean island. The only tool required is a good laptop to connect to the country’s nation-wide strong broadband infrastructure.”

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More information about Malta’s Nomad Residence Permit may be found here

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