Alexa von Tobel brings 15 years of financial savvy to Early Stage 2021

Alexa von Tobel has a unique vantage point on the world of startups. She debuted in the tech space with the launch of LearnVest in 2009. The company raised nearly $70 million and sold to Northwestern Mutual in 2015 for an estimated $250 million, according to reports.

Since, von Tobel has founded her own venture firm called Inspired Capital. Portfolio companies include Finix, Chief, Orum, Habi and more.

But before she was an entrepreneur, or the Chief Digital Officer of a major financial services company (and then Chief Innovation Officer, overseeing the Northwestern Mutual’s venture arm), or the founding partner of a venture capital firm, she was a Certified Financial Planner.

At TechCrunch Early Stage in April, von Tobel will lead a breakout on financial planning targeted specifically at early stage startups.

Take a look:

Finance for Founders

As a founder, you not only have to master your company’s finances, you also have to tackle your own personal finances. Managing your money as a founder comes with a unique set of questions. Leveraging her expertise from LearnVest and as a Certified Financial Planner, Alexa will share financial planning best practices so founders can remove this layer of stress from the pressure of building a business.

Early Stage is back in 2021 and better than ever. The event is centered around all the startup core competencies that founders will need in their tool chest to build successful businesses, from marketing to operations to fundraising.

von Tobel joins an all-star lineup, which includes experts in the fields of sales, seed and A fundraising, recruiting, and much much more. These experts will give presentations across a variety of topics, and then answer questions live from the audience.

The event is split across two days: On April 1 we’ll be hearing from experts in fundraising and operations, and on July 8 we’ll learn more from experts in fundraising and marketing. At both events, the TechCrunch pitch-off will be center stage, giving early stage companies the chance to pitch to and get feedback from seasoned investors. Early Stage is entirely virtual, so folks from anywhere in the world can pick up and ticket and show up from the comfort of their couch.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us!

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