‘Air Malta Pilots’ Calls Must Be Reasonable’ – MHRA


Internationally the aviation industry is under severe strain and Air Malta is no exception to this.   

2019 has seen the demise of a number of European carriers, one of the latest being Iceland’s WOW airlines.  Wow’s bankruptcy hit not only the employees of the airline but had a considerable effect on Iceland’s economy. 

In this fiercely competitive industry, only the most efficient airlines with the lowest costs will survive.  Air Malta having been given a lifeline by the EU with an injection of 250 million euros on a ‘one-time last time’ basis, like other airlines, continuously fighting for its life.  It, therefore, is incumbent on all those who are part of Air Malta to contribute towards the survival and growth of the airline.

The pilots do a fine job, but so do others at Air Malta and many others across our economy. In this light, Air Malta pilots are expected to be reasonable in their calls to Government and must stop calling for excessive demands as this is now becoming a serious threat not only to Air Malta itself but to MHRA members and the wider economy as a whole. The Pension guarantee of 700,000 euro per pilot they are seeking from the government is unreasonable.  

Accordingly, MHRA urges Air Malta pilot’s association, ALPA, to be part of what could be an aviation success story and help grow Air Malta. 

If excessive demands continue, it may lead to Air Malta facing the same fate of many other airlines which to date have gone bankrupt, something which MHRA is sure no one wants but could be inevitable due to a wrong attitude by stakeholders.


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