Vaccine passports could be ready for British travellers before summer

A Covid dgital vaccine certificate app may be ready for British travellers to use as early as next month.

They could be ready to use ‘as soon as possible’ and in time for when the government allows international leisure travel.

“We are working on a solution to enable residents to prove their Covid-19 status, including vaccination status, to other countries on the outbound leg,” a Department for Transport spokesperson said.

“We are working on this as a priority and intend to have the solution ready as soon as possible.”

Separately a government office said it may be up and running ‘by the time international travel restarts.’

That could be just a few weeks away based on the roadmap out of lockdown timeline of 17 May.

With so much uncertainty over reopening and the government’s proposed ‘traffic light’ system, that date could still be pushed back.

Covid digital passports would be able to store proof of a Covid test and potentially a Covid vaccination.

They would be available for people travelling overseas but use of them domestically is unlikely to be ready by next month.

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