UPDATES – MBB Brussels Report January 2023

European Parliament adopts position on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

New private buildings constructed as early as 2028 will be required to be zero-emission. Solar energy solutions must be installed on all public and private non-residential buildings where economically and technically feasible. The next step is for the Parliament and Council to negotiate a final based on their respective positions.

For more information please see: Energy performance of buildings: climate neutrality by 2050 | News | European Parliament (europa.eu)



European Parliament adopts position on the Platform Workers Directive

The European Parliament enshrined a legal presumption of employment for self-employed platform workers by introducing an indicative list of non-mandatory criteria to determine that a person is an employee. The presumption of employment can be invoked by workers who believe to be incorrectly classified as self-employed, by a trade union or a national authority. The proposal also addresses the use of algorithms by platforms whereby more transparency and information on how automated tools are used will be required to be provided. The Council is yet to find a general approach on this file.

For more information please see: Digital workers: MEPs ready for talks on new law to improve working conditions | News | European Parliament (europa.eu)



EU-UK Agreement on Northern Ireland Protocol

Significant changes for goods originating from the UK destined to remain in Northern Ireland that will follow a “Green Lane” with no customs checks required. Other goods from the UK flowing through Northern Ireland and into the Republic of Ireland will follow a “Red Lane” where customs checks will apply in Northern Irish ports. Northern Ireland will continue applying EU standards and the European Court of Justice will retain jurisdiction.


Single Market Report and Scoreboard

The European Commission published the 2023 Annual Single Market Report that takes stock of the key achievements in areas such as competition policy, standards, public procurement and intellectual property rights, and looks at future challenges. The Commission also published the 2022 Single Market Scoreboard to measure its performance and outcomes in terms of enforcement, business framework conditions, outcomes and competitiveness.

For more information please see: https://single-market-economy.ec.europa.eu/system/files/2023-01/ASMR%202023.pdf

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