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'Tourism Brings Us Together' - Middle East Travel & Tourism Development Network Center

Middle East Travel and Tourism Development Network Center was established by Middle East University Amman in 2018, to be the first of its kind at the global level, in synergy with its societal responsibilities and convictions that travel and tourism can transform the lives of individuals and societies sustainably on our planet, if they are managed well and dealt with responsibly.

The Network has chosen the slogan “Tourism Brings Us Together” based upon the belief that tourism and travel are a global right, and that meaningful cooperation among all stakeholders in the tourism and travel sector contributes to regional competitiveness and sustainable development in the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries.

Thus, Middle East Travel and Tourism Development Network aims to increase the benefits and opportunities through joint cooperation, in order to increase the benefits and opportunities of tourism and travel sector to contribute to economic and social development in the Middle East and Mediterranean region.

The Network has developed an ambitious agenda aiming at promoting and empowering tourist destinations to achieve competitiveness in the countries of the region. Meanwhile, the Network adopted a collaborative approach of work between partners in the public and private sector focusing on: improving connectivity between tourism destinations (air, land, and sea); developing joint strategies for digital media and tourism promotion between regional countries; upgrading the quality of the standards in tourism services, products and quality control systems; supporting scientific production, innovation education and learning in tourism and travel; promoting projects to protect and develop the environment and cultural heritage; developing tourism destination management and achieve competitiveness and facilitating travel for all people.

This is to be achieved as scheduled in the framework of supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and plan of action by 2030, through reinforcing communication and cooperation mechanisms between regional stakeholders in travel and tourism organizations, industries in public and private sector and relevant regional and international organizations. In addition, the Network is committed to achieving its objectives based on the principles and guidelines of Global Code of Ethics for Tourism which were adopted by the General Assembly of UNWTO in the year 1999, and United Nations in 2001, to achieve sustainable tourism development on the basis of responsibility, sustainability and affordable tourism for all.

Hence, Middle East Travel and Tourism Development Network is a regional Network with a global perspective. It acts as a facilitator for achieving a responsible, competitive and sustainable economic growth in the travel and tourism sector in the Middle East and Mediterranean region.

It is expected that the efforts of Middle East Travel and Tourism Development Network Center will contribute to promoting economic and social development through increasing job opportunities for youth and women in local communities in line with the increasing number of visitors to and within the Middle East region. Furthermore, the Network will contribute to improving tourism income, improve the gross domestic product and increase investment projects. Moreover, the Network’s efforts will work on maintaining a sustainable environment, in term of reducing the consumption of natural resources (water and energy) and protecting ecosystems – biodiversity and natural heritage. However, the network will play a prominent role in increasing understanding among the peoples of the region, and in consolidating the foundations of world peace.

Middle East Travel & Tourism Development Network Center

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