The Mediterranean Tourism Forum convenes best tourism brains from across the world and resuscitates Royal Opera House of Malta

Over 1000 delegates from 31 different countries are expected to attend the 7th Edition of the Mediterranean Tourism Forum which will happen on the 14th June at the Intercontinental Hotel, starting at 0900hrs.

The Forum’s distinctive characteristic from other similar conferences is that it acts as a stage where new practical ideas are presented with a special focus on acting as a catalyst to bring the best actors of the travel, tourism and hospitality sector together and devise new products, policies and strategies which can also be potentially showcased in Malta.

Indeed, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association and Mediterranean Tourism Foundation President Tony Zahra states that the Forum puts into practice the principle of CO-OPETITION – that is the practice where competitors cooperate because they recognize that there are important synergies for doing so.

Malta as a small destination set in the middle of the Mediterranean benefits when the identity and image of the Mediterranean is collectively positioned high, so this explains why Malta has been a pioneer and leader on this front by supporting the organization of the Mediterranean Tourism Forum which now runs into the 7th edition. The aim of the Forum is to convene in Malta stakeholders from all over the world who hold an interest in Mediterranean tourism and accordingly share knowledge and explore avenues to collaborate together.

Tourism is defined in its widest sense, as indeed tourism is not just about hotels and restaurants but involves other economic and social segments such as education, construction, technology, health, security, culture and the arts, the environment, and the interests of society at large.

Over 80 speakers coming from different fields of expertise will be addressing ways to ignite practical ideas to sustainably grow tourism by balancing the needs set by society at large, the environment and economic objectives.

The theme of the Forum of this year is “Mediterranean BRAIN,” because in the face of the challenges that we are all facing – pandemic, war, climate change, global inflation – the tourism stakeholders are being called to re learn how to use their brains, to rethink the way they work, rethink the way they live.

The Algerian Tuareg from the Sahara Desert will be doing the opening act, and this will lead to a virtual journey leading to the re-opening of the Royal Opera House of Malta in a virtual manner which will also serve as the extension to the real stage of the Forum from where speakers will deliver their speeches from other countries in addition to those present for the Forum in Malta. Over the past two years a multi-disciplinary team of experts got together to virtually rebuild the Royal Opera House following an in-depth study of the original plans of the building, available pictures of the same opera house and analysis of the design style of English architect Edward Middleton Barry to make intelligent guesses of aspects of the building which are unknown.

The Mediterranean Tourism Forum is organized by the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry for Tourism, the Malta Tourism Authority and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, together with international associates and has today established itself as one of the most important conferences about Mediterranean tourism in the World.

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You are invited to see the unveiling of the virtual Royal Opera House at 9:00hrs at the InterContinental Arena Main Conference Hall on the 14th June. (Registration opens at 08:15hrs).

This will include a musical act of an original song ‘Cieli Blu’ composed by Maestro Bruno Santori with the special participation of the Mediterranean Orchestra and singers Ekaterina Shelenova, Filippo Quarti and Roberto Tiranti.

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