The 83rd HOTREC General Assembly kicked off today in Lyon, France.

Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) President Tony Zahra and CEO Andrew Agius Muscat are currently attending the 83rd HOTREC General Assembly in Lyon, France.

HOTREC brings together 45 National Associations in 34 Countries and is the Voice of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafés and similar establishments around Europe, ie 5% of the EU GDP, which is the 3rd largest socio-economic activity in the EU.

The global tourism, travel and hospitality sector is currently facing extraordinary challenges and difficulties. In this light, exploring avenues for collaboration amongst stakeholders and appropriate advocacy addressed at the appropriate national and EU policy decision makers is critical for the well-being of the sector.

The General Assembly was addressed by EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, who stated that he is encouraged by the commitment of stakeholders to help make European tourism more sustainable, more resilient and more future-proof.

During today’s programme, MHRA CEO Andrew Agius Muscat was invited to participate in a panel discussion on Social Affairs and Human Resources challenges in the tourism & hospitality sector. Andrew Agius Muscat remarked that “Public financing has been crucial for the hospitality industry in Malta to retain people while international travel was shut down”. He added that “By launching the platform, we used this time to train people & obtain new skills to be ready to welcome guests right at the first opportunity.”

The General Assembly also discussed HOTREC’s strategy to address the future of hospitality trends, foresight and challenges for the digitalization of EU hospitality in a platform-driven environment.



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