Ryanair takes delivery of first ‘Gamechanger’ Aircraft

Ryanair has taken delivery of its first Boeing 737-8200 aircraft.

The ‘gamechanger’ aircraft flew overnight from Boeing HQ in Seattle and is due to land in Dublin today.

Ryanair’s has ordered 210 of the aircraft, at a cost of more than $22 billion. Only six are expected to be delivered to Ryanair this summer, with a further six to be delivered to Malta Air.

The airline said it expects 50 of the aircraft to be delivered before summer 2022, “which will enable the Ryanair Group to rebound strongly, offering new routes, lower fares, and rapid traffic recovery”.

Ryanair says the new additions will carry 4% more passengers, reduce fuel consumption by 16% per seat, lower noise emissions by 40% and lower CO2 emissions by “a similar amount”.

Each aircraft offers 197 seats, which compares to Ryanair’s current 189-seat 737 fleet.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary said: “We are delighted to take delivery of our first new technology gamchanger aircraft.

“These new Boeing 737 aircraft will help Ryanair lower costs, cut fuel consumption and lower noise and CO2 emissions as we invest heavily in new technology to deepen our environmental commitment.”

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