QP Thoughts On ‘BEST’


QP is proud to have supported the Benchmarking Energy Sustainability Tool (BEST), which is a scheme to address the need to encourage and implement energy efficient practices and systems by introducing benchmarking for industry energy, water, and fuel consumption.

Through BEST, hoteliers can associate with a range of benchmarks from the 2, 3, 4 or 5-star segment to buildings of a tower or resort type. QP worked within an industry advisory group called Energy 7. 2016 data was collected from (32) participants in Malta and Gozo offer a total of 6900 beds in the market. QP Management provided a market-wide data analysis for the associated BEST APP, developed upon a set of data collection points to generate the external BEST benchmarks and associated benefits.

The exercise has identified consumption habits and has scientifically indicated market trends and benchmarks for specific hotel accommodation types. It is commendable and fascinating that this part if the Tourism Industry in Malta has taken this matter seriously and is working to motivate its players to measure themselves with peers in their own industry and work/invest to be better than that benchmark. The best part of it all is that such motivational policies can be easily exported to other industries in Malta and also to other regions in the Mediterranean.


David Xuereb, CEO, QP

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