OK Google – Take Me Away!
Image: Google


Google Trips might be no more, but thank the tech-lords that Google Travel has come up with fresh features to help you plan your next holiday.

Google Flights will now guide you to popular destinations based on season, travel dates and vacation time, so you can buy all your tickets during the best possible time. Google’s new price prediction will also offer a full refund on certain flights if the fare changes after your booking.

Once your flight is settled, Google will also suggest accomodation. You can even save your personal favourites in your itinerary. Oh, and don’t worry about getting lost, you have a new AR-based navitagtion tool, introduced in 2018, to track your live location and safely escort you to your temporary home.

AND, just because Google wants to make life easier, Google Timeline will now allow customers to search through their navigation history in categories, so you can save restaurants, bars, historic sites, clothing stores, and whatever tickles your fancy to your trip itinerary (because asking for directions is so 2005).

So, ok Google, take me away!

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