New International Qualification for Luxury Yachting Industry – MaQuaM

“MaQuaM – International Qualification on Marine and Tourism for the Mediterranean Harbours”, project funded by the Erasmus+ program, with the intention to promote the integration between boating and tourism, and the mobility of young people within Europe in the search for job opportunities and new professions in the marine industry within the countries of Italy, Greece, Malta and Albania.

This is the goal of MaQuaM, acronym for International qualification on marine and tourism for the Mediterranean harbours, an Erasmus project proposed by a team that involves companies and institutions from Italy, Greece, Albania and Malta. The project, which was presented by Navigo, a company for the innovation and development of yachting, with Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo srl (leader) in development company of the economy and education, together with the nautical cluster Strategis – Maritime center of excellence (Greece), Mediterranean Tourism Foundation (Malta) and Ibis Foundation (Albania).

An international level training program is being developed and delivered by 2023, which is the end year of the project. The professional profile that will be achieved at the end of the training course is that of ‘Manager of integrated services for Yachting and Coastal Tourism’, aimed at managing, promoting and activating integration processes between different sectors and services. The training opportunity also concerns the personnel of the companies involved as well as the multiplier effect which will allow the same companies to increase their competitiveness on the global market and the cooperation between Mediterranean operators and maritime companies. Participants will be provided with e-learning lessons and training, physical and virtual mobility, focus groups, meetings and dissemination events in the four countries.

The nautical world, in particular the segment of yachts (over 24 meters) and superyachts (over 30 meters), has recorded significant growth in recent years at a global level. Europe is a leader in the superyacht market, whose activities are mainly concentrated in the Mediterranean region which is an ideal place for yachting, considering its sea, its impeccable attractions and territories and the great variety of culture, food and wine, ports and exclusive services which are an important factor to attract customers. Most of the yachts sailing in the Mediterranean are closely connected with Tuscany, the production leader, and with Malta, particularly for flag registry services, while Greece and Albania in the eastern Mediterranean are emerging markets into this industry.

For this reason, the themes of development, standardization of services with great quality, infrastructure and service, can become a unique Mediterranean brand recognizable for those working in the sector at various levels; companies, yacht manufacturers, service providers and end users.


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