Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association welcomes reappointment of Minister of Tourism

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) extends warmest congratulations to the Honourable Clayton Bartolo on his re-appointment as Minister of Tourism, in the newly elected government led by Prime Minister Robert Abela.

MHRA President Tony Zahra states that, “We look forward to keep building a constructive relationship with Minister Bartolo together with tourism public officials within his Ministry portfolio based on a shared vision of a strong sustainable tourism industry especially now as we are at a challenging juncture because of issues related to COVID-19, climate change, the war and global inflation. But these are also exciting times as we are all encouraged to be collaborative, creative, innovative, to think “out of the box” and connect deeply with our guests and the community as whole.”

Accordingly, MHRA is delighted to continue working in this dynamic and further pursue a more sustainable direction with respect to doing business, and actively partnering with Government and stakeholders by supporting, delivering, and promoting new quality tourism experiences.

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