MHRA, “St George’s Bay must be protected and upgraded in line with Malta’s Golden Mile vision”.

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) refers to reports in the media that a development earmarked in Paceville will according to the conclusions of an EIA report have a very high impact of shadowing on the iconic St George’s Bay beach throughout the year, leaving it much of the time of the day in the shadow.

This contradicts Government’s policy of protecting and upgrading our beaches to places where people can enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean natural landscape and experience. Furthermore, St George’s Bay enjoys a Blue Flag status, and such important international quality certification cannot be jeopardized. MHRA recognizes the efforts and investment being made by entrepreneurs to upgrade the tourism product in the area, and therefore even more it is critical that St George’s Bay is protected and safeguarded. A beach which is left in the shadow is equivalent to having a house without any windows or doors.

MHRA is calling upon the relevant authorities to protect this bay and ensure that any development not only protects the current status of St George’s Bay, but it remains one of the most important beach attractions across the Maltese islands. MHRA believes that the bay has to complement the current and potential new high-end accommodation and entertainment projects present or set to be developed in the area.

MHRA further appeals to the relevant authorities that the “Golden Mile” vision of setting the Paceville coastal area as a high-end tourism experience should be the centre of all decisions taken that affect the area.

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