MHRA appeals for reconciliation between ALPA and Government

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) refers to a work to rule order issued by the Airline Pilots Association to its members leading to disruptions of Air Malta flight schedules.

Now that the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector in Malta is recovering over the major losses suffered during two years of economic hardship resulting from the global pandemic, MHRA appeals to the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) to be responsible before causing any further disruptions which will directly hurt the people of goodwill who have been waiting for this moment for their business to finally pick up again.

Air Malta is key to the tourism industry and the economic wellbeing of the country, and indeed Government along with the relevant stakeholders are already doing a lot to ensure that the national airline remains afloat. This however does not give the right to anyone who disagrees with how this needs to be done by causing further damage to the wider economy and to the same people who ultimately are paying the taxes for Air Malta to keep going.

MHRA is confident that the leaders of the ALPA will take up this appeal constructively and will resort to discussions rather than to insensitive disruptive actions. MHRA is ready to assist in bridging any difference which may exist between Government and the ALPA with the aim of reaching an agreement which reflects a fair deal for all involved including the taxpayers. Any other avenue will lead nowhere but to a disaster. Let’s keep the wellbeing of the national airlines as the priority for the wellbeing of our country.

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