Is LinkedIn, Facebook’s Twin?


An analysis of user demographics of LinkedIN members

Ever wondered which are the top social media platforms in Malta? Are they the same across the board, or do they cater to a specific audience? First of all, the top ranking social media platforms from data gathered on are the following:

1.  YouTube is the highest ranking social media platform. As a platform, it is a multimedia channel where a lot of people find it as a source to stream music, videos, podcasts and any sort of media material.
2.  Straight after YouTube, comes Facebook. A gigantic social media platform that connects people and keeps friends up to date with photos, links, videos, and advertisements.
3.  Surprisingly, however, the third highest-ranking social media platform is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is targeted at mainly being a networking tool. As a platform, it can be used to find connections, recommend a vacancy opening to candidates, or to start a conversation with an industry expert and business partners. This platform is a hub for recruitment agencies and business-to-business communication. While Facebook allows the user to connect to another user on a personal level, LinkedIN helps the user to build a network with companies, organisations and professionals.

LinkedIn: A Social Media Platform for Business People, Companies and B2B transactions.


Facebook LinkedIN
Target Audience General Users Companies and business
Used mainly for Sharing photos, links, videos

with your friends.

Sharing Articles, links,

photos that are related to business people.

Demographics Target adverts based on

interests and location.

Target adverts based on

location and job titles.

At its core, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social platforms a business can use to create brand awareness and to make connections with potential customers which will result in generating new leads. If your marketing strategy, doesn’t already incorporate LinkedIn when it comes to social media, you will surely consider its potential which can help you in the search of new clients.

Who should make use of LinkedIn Marketing?

With over 10 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is a platform where you can build positive relationships with businesses and also research on similar businesses just like yours, which is why LinkedIn should be an essential part of your social media mix.

LinkedIn offers unique opportunities for businesses when it comes to reaching your ideal audience through paid advertising. You can advertise your business to those who meet highly specific criteria such as a job title, their education level and also by industry. If your business falls under a niche audience then LinkedIn is your ideal platform.

Having the ability to target a niche audience and also basic demographic information such as age and gender, LinkedIn gives you the ability to facilitate more your target advertising further. Once your chosen audience is set up, all you have to do is to wait for results, monitor them and find out which audience was the perfect fit that responded best to your message. This process will enable you to fine-tune your audience to make sure that your adverts are being displayed in the best profitable way possible.

LinkedIn the Pure way.

As with any other social media campaigns that we execute, we monitor our client’s campaigns on a daily basis where we optimise their desired ads and audience. This enables our team to make sure that the outcome of their campaign results in the highest yield possible while also spending the lowest cost.

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