How this Mediterranean island is gearing up for 2020


It’s Budget Week in Malta, and the Mediterranean island is ready to face 2020 and all its challenges. In its first reaction to the Minister’s delivery of the Budget 2020 in Malta’s Parliament, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, the MHRA, described it as a “consolidation budget which [built] on the economic principles established over the past recent years”.

Malta’s hoteliers and restaurateurs particularly welcomed the focus on environmental challenges the island is currently facing. The local tourism sector has noted that while certain changes in Malta’s environment policy might impact current operations in the industry, it has responsibly referred to this as “action in the right direction”.

The MHRA went on to note the importance of the Government’s vision 2025, which will directly impact Malta’s tourism industry. The Association stated that it is particularly imperative to look into effective control measures in relation to the provision of private accommodation in the Maltese Islands, to ensure a fair level playing field in the industry.

The Association also stated that the Budget 2020 yet another refinement to Malta’s tourism product, as it has once again spread the economic benefits generated by this sector.

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