How the Mediterranean emerged as a backpacking destination
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Sometimes going on holiday is less about relaxation and luxury and more about adventure, nature, and a whole lot of walking. Many young travellers are also opting for backpacking holidays because they are some of the easiest trips one can go on, even if on a strict budget.

Backpacking has become one of the most cost-efficient options for anyone wanting to travel the seven continents with a skinny wallet.

While you can explore the following five countries on a wonderful Mediterranean cruise, you also have the choice of getting up close and personal with them, simply by standing on your own two feet. 



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From long sunset strolls in the Sahara or trekking the Atlas mountains, Morocco is successfully promoting itself as a backpacking mecca. Most travel agencies offer useful information for backpackers, whether you are travelling alone or in a group. While you have the option to camp in the desert or by the mountains, you can also opt for a guest house or hostel at reasonable prices.



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The one Mediterranean country you can literally backpack all over. Israel is in the fortunate strategic position of offering endless backpacking or camping options because it is such a scenic country. Backpackers travelling around Israel will be swept off their feet by the lush green landscapes up North or the coastal plains. With a little careful planning, you can cover the entire countryside in one trip, going from the Dead Sea to the Carmel mountains. Treat yourself to an evening of stargazing in the Negev to make your trip all the more special.



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This needs little convincing. Spain is the perfect first backpacking destination if you are still new to the phenomenon and are testing the waters. The bustling streets of Barcelona are the perfect introduction to backpacking, but make sure to make your way to the high peaks of the Pyrenees for the complete Spanish ‘walking holiday’. If this is your first backpacking trip, familiarize yourself with Spain’s youth hostel network to facilitate the city to wilderness transition.



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The perfect place to live like a nomad for a while, whether you’re camping along Greece’s many cliffs and beaches or hopping from one sunny island to the other. There are no limits to the beautiful sights you get to see on your trip, but if you are feeling less adventurous you can stay in one of Greece’s many welcoming hostels for as little as €15 a night.



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????Chamonix, France // How’s this for a beautiful sight? We visited amazing Chamonix in the off-season (interseason), between the summer hikers and winter skiers. Two thirds of the accommodations were closed, most of the chairlifts were shut, and the train station was closed for maintenance. . And it was great! . There were hardly any tourists, we had a private room in a hostel (with a hot tub!) for only 35€ and it meant that we could do hikes like this one, without bumping into anyone for hours. . This photo is taken at the viewpoint of the famous Mer De Glace glacier – the clouds did clear, and we got to see it. And you know what? It was pretty underwhelming. Especially when the walk to get to and from the glacier was so much more picturesque! . . . . #backpackingfrance #chamonix #chamonix_france #backpackingeurope #traveleurope #europeonabudget #youmustsee #speechlessplaces #amazingplacetovisit #passporttoearth #passionpassport #roamtheearth #beautifulplaces #travelaroundtheworld #aroundtheglobe #sheisnotlost #dametraveler #wearetravelgirls #gltlove #globaltravel #travelherenext #travelnow #travelbug #backpackergirl #backpackwithme #backpacking

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A real treat when it comes to backpacking in Mediterranean, from the green sweeping fields of the countryside to the very top of its snow-capped mountains. Your backpacking trip can start after a day trip to Paris, as most companies offer direct excursions to locations such as the Alps. If you happen to prefer a more structured stay, France is full of cheap hotels and hostels.

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