Global Tourism Group adopts All-Inclusive model after Turkey’s success

The Turkish tourism industry continued to grow despite the COVID-19 pandemic and has managed to overtake Spain, its biggest rival, in terms of visitor numbers, becoming a model for global brands.

Accordingly, world tourism giant Accor Group is switching to the all-inclusive model which has proven successful in Turkey. Within five years, 200 Fairmont, Rixos, Sofitel, Swissotel, Pullman, Mövenpick hotels will implement the system.

The group, which bought 70% of the Antalya-based hotel group Rixos four years ago, will use the expertise picked up in Turkey to switch to the all-inclusive concept. Apart from the Rixos hotels, it will also be applied to Accor’s Fairmont and Sofitel hotels, which cater to the upper segment, and the Swissotel, Pullman, Mövenpick hotels, which are in the premium category.

This model is set to be implemented primarily at family and resort hotels across Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as Turkey.

Accor Lifestyle and Entertainment CEO and Ennismore Co-CEO, Gaurav Bhushan, said that they are focusing on the model powered by the successful performance of the Rixos brand, which has a strong position in the all-inclusive sector.

Explaining that the hotels operating under the all-inclusive concept are far more successful than others, Bhushan said, “Our guests show great interest in this model. In terms of operation, accurate calculations in hotels provide lower distribution costs and better planning of resources.”

Explaining that this business model provides great savings in room fees compared to the traditional model, Bhushan noted that it brings in greater operating profits for the business and offers high occupancy rates.

“Hotels operating in this model usually reach an occupancy rate of 80-85% per year, which provides less fluctuation in business continuity,” said Bhushan.

Bhushan said that they will implement this model with their luxury and premium brands and that they will work in very specific markets such as the Middle East, North Africa, southern Europe, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Vietnam and China, where they believe the model will yield successful results.

Explaining that the all-inclusive transition process will be managed by Rixos Chairperson Fettah Tamince, Bhushan pointed out that Rixos has implemented this model very successfully.

Saying that they aim to expand the use of this model to many locations across the world, Tamince, for his part, stated that they will begin by strengthening the brand in each of the countries.

“For example, it may take time to be like Rixos in Vietnam. But Sofitel has been there for 50 years. Implementing the new system under the Sofitel flag makes our job even easier. We will have hotels with this model in six different brands around the world.”

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