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Among the initiatives taken more than 10 years ago by the International Federation of Journalists and Writers on Tourism – FIJET – under the Presidency of Dr Tijani Haddad, was the creation of the Academy of Young Journalists characterized by the annual organization of a training program for young journalists, especially those specializing in tourism.

FIJET President Dr Tijani Haddad said the creation of the Young Journalists Academy is part of FIJET’s interest in theoretical training and practical learning experiences for young journalists aged 18 to 35 years. He said that more than 100 young journalists have benefited from training programs during the eight academies organized during the last 10 years in several countries including Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Cyprus and Croatia.

The president of FIJET also indicated that the aim of this academy is to offer novice journalists the opportunity to live practical experiences in specialized workshops, to work with experienced journalists, to meet and exchange ideas with professionals within the tourism industry, as well as to benefit from guided tours of several places of interest and tourist sites.

Another objective during the workshops is that, the participants, which include novice journalists and students, will be collaborating together in the writing and presentation of an article selected by their choice in order to publish it on the portal of the host country of the Academy, concluded the president of the FIJET.

FIJET academy program for young journalist will be held in Tangier, Morocco, and will be a 7-day program. Participants will be hosted by a very reputable institute in Tangier, Institut Supérieur Internationale de Tourisme de Tanger/ the Higher International Institute of Tourism of Tangier and be accommodated in the dormitory rooms of the institute. This 7-day program will be between 24th and 31st of July 2022 and it consists of social programs and academic lectures.

Tangier the city with unique charm

Najib Senhadji, president of the Moroccan association of journalists and writers on tourism – AMJET– stressed that the organization of the Academy of young journalists in Morocco is considered an important tourist and cultural event.

He announced that this 2022 edition will be placed under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy and that the Minister Mrs. Fatim-Zahra Ammor encourages the holding of this event initiative which aims to promote the role of tourism journalism and the profession of the journalist specializing in tourism.

The academic lectures will be given in English by both Moroccan and International distinguished professors who are specialized in their fields. The lectures will be on tourism and travel journalism and be delivered at L’Institut Supérieur Internationale de Tourisme de Tanger.

As part of the social program the excursions are organized in accordance with the educational purpose of the whole program. Within the excursions program the participants will have a chance to go to very attractive cities nearby Tangier and on the Strait of Gibraltar such as; Tetouan, Assilah, Chefchaouen and also the famous Hercules Caves close to Tangier Medina.

They will gain as much information as possible and familiarize with the local culture during the social program.

Senhadji stated that we strongly believe that excursions and lectures are both important and effective means of motivating young journalists to tourism journalism. This program will be a chance for them to gain a different view of journalism, find out their passion, meet and talk with tourism professionals, make new international friends and discover the famous tourist attractions of Tangier, Morocco.

Academy Programme

The President of the Academy of Young Journalists Mrs. Fatma Sema Kutlu, member of the FIJET Steering Committee, presented the varied program of this edition which will be an opportunity to give young participants to participate in practical workshops on the tourism sector and specialized journalism, including tourism and travel journalism, tourism destination marketing, sustainable tourism, hospitality and modern technologies.

Participants will have an excursion programme that will allow them to discover the tourist sites of the region and its historical and cultural specificities. Thus the annual organization of the Academy of young journalists represents an opportunity offered to young people to develop their determination and their commitment in favour of tourism and tourism journalism and the FIJET which continues to multiply creative initiatives aims to strengthen its role media in an atmosphere of brotherhood, cooperation and peace.

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