Malta | Health Minister Dr Fearne: “We will be removing more Covid measures”

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said the Government will this week be announcing dates when the country will continue to gradually remove Covid measures.

In an interview on ONE Radio, Minister Fearne said the measures will be introduced and removed at the opportune time. Dr Fearne explained that hospitals and Intensive Care Units remained under control and the country has close to three-quarters of adults vaccinated against Covid, this being the highest vaccination rate in Europe.

Dr Fearne remarked that Malta has one of the lowest rates of people worried by the pandemic.

Minister Fearne appealed for people to continue to get vaccinated. The Minister added that some 3% have still not taken the first or second dose of the vaccine, and some 20% still have to take the booster. Dr Fearne added that the majority who had died while Covid positive had not been vaccinated.

Referring to vaccinations for children, the Deputy Prime Minister said Malta has one of the highest rates worldwide. Dr Fearne urged for children in the 5 to 11 age group to continue to be vaccinated, among other issues because studies have shown the Omicron variant, the dominant Covid-19 variant, is leading to more children being hospitalised.

Minister Fearne also announced that in the coming days, children can be vaccinated without an appointment through walk-in clinics.

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