Cyprus reinstates face mask mandate

Cyprus has reintroduced its face mask mandate due to a surge of Covid cases in the country.

Cyprus dropped its mask requirement on June 1 along with all Covid entry restrictions following a sustained period of low Covid cases.

However, cases have soared in the country in recent days, according to local media reports, leading to an increase in hospitalisations.

In a bid to reduce the spread of infection, health minister Michalis Hadjipantelas announced face masks will once again be compulsory in all indoor venues and on public transport for those aged 12 and over from July 8. Anyone who doesn’t wear a face mask could be fined €300.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has updated its website to reflect the rule change.

It states: “As of July 8, 2022, the use of a face mask is compulsory in all indoor venues and on all public transport for everyone aged 12 and above. Failure to comply with restrictions may result in a €300 fine.”

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