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Sweetpay is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge digital payments – offering everything you need to make quick payments, ease day-to-day management and get the funding to grow.

It has been processing transactions since 2013. The founders of Sweetpay are entrepreneurs, passionate about technology and development. Our mission is clear, we are to build complex products in a simple way! For us, your guest payment journey is just as important as the complex underlying system.

Upon receiving a request for a custom-made solution for the hospitality industry we jumped at the challenge and had no choice but to act and started our SweetSolution journey. Today it doesn’t matter if you manage a channel manager, a PMS, or a hotel property we have the customized payment solutions suitable for your specific needs and we can help every hotel, restaurant, and store with a seamless payment journey. In order to be able to genuinely understand our customers and their needs, we recruited our team from the hospitality industry.

We aim to be the easiest and most flexible solution to any PCI challenges you stand before. And unfortunately, the hospitality industry is a common target for Credit Card breach and
shimming. Therefore, it is crucial to store all sensitive information in a secure way. We offer a highly secure PCI DSS licensed vault allowing safe storage of all credit card information in order to secure the booking. When your guests pay through our web checkout or secure link their Credit Card information is safely stored with us and your system don’t have to be PCI
compliant in order to handle booking transactions. Our solution facilitates the process of securely handling credit card information, allowing hotels to handle payments without jeopardizing the security of your customer's credit card information.  Apart from delivering secure storage and handling of credit cards it also accommodates GDPR regulations.

As a hotel, you want to give your guest a great experience which includes the payment journey. Our SweetSolution contains a secure vault, a secure link, a web checkout and a state of the art android SweetTerminal, all developed to meet the guest requirements of a sweet payment journey. Our SweetSolution can be used as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with your current PMS/POS system.

Our secure Sweetlink is used when a guest calls or sends an e-mail, wishing to book and make a direct payment. Sweetlink combined with Sweetvault allows your hotel to make reservations for longer periods without reserving the money on the guest’s bank account.  A secure link is sent to the guest by SMS or email to make the payment, it is therefore completely PCI DSS and GDPR safe as those who work will never come in contact with the guest’s credit card number.

In our Omnichannel solution, we have Sweetweb checkout and the Smart Android terminal. Sweetpay provides your guests with a choice of payment methods when they are about to pay for their reservation or handle payment through a loyalty program. You have numerous payment options such as Credit Card, Alipay, Invoice and Installments (today in SE, FI, N). The Android terminal allowing multiple payment options, including a scanner, integrated printer and NFC. It is beneficial for both hotels and restaurants. Your choice of payment options is equal to the Sweetweb with an additional choice of Cryptocurrencies. No matter where you currently are in your unique journey of becoming the best at what you do, SweetSolutions is your future partner in enhancing your guest experience by providing them with a state-of-the-art payment journey.



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