At Extra Crunch Live, Felicis’ Aydin Senkut and Guideline’s Kevin Busque will look back on the Series B deal that brought them together

Aydin Senkut is a Swiss Army knife of an investor. He has been on the Midas List for the past seven years, with early investments in companies like Shopify, Rovio, Fitbit, Ayden, Credit Karma, SoundHound and more.

One such investment is Guideline, an enterprise tech company focused on giving small businesses a simplified way to offer affordable 401ks to employees. Guideline has raised nearly $140 million from investors such as Tiger Global Management, Greyhound, Generation Investment Management, Propel and, of course, Felicis.

It should go without saying that we’re thrilled to have Senkut and Guideline founder and CEO Kevin Busque join us for this week’s episode of Extra Crunch Live.

The new and improved Extra Crunch Live pairs founders and the investors who led their earlier rounds to talk about how the deal went down, from the moment they met to the conversations they had (including some disagreements) to the relationship as it exists today. Hell, we may even take a peek at the original pitch deck that made it all happen.

Then, we’ll turn our eyes back to you, the audience. That same founder/investor duo (in this case, Guideline founder and CEO Kevin Busque and Felicis’ Aydin Senkut) will take a look at your pitch decks and give their own feedback. (If you haven’t yet submitted a pitch deck to be torn down on Extra Crunch Live, you can do so here.)

The hour-long episode is sandwiched between two 30-minute rounds of networking. From start to finish, it goes from 11:30 a.m. PST/2:30 p.m. EST to 1:30 p.m. PST/4:30 p.m. EST. And Extra Crunch Live will come to you at the same time, every week, with a new pair of speakers.

In this case, we’ll be talking to Senkut and Busque about the $15 million Series B investment that Felicis led in the startup: how did they meet, what attracted them to one another, and ultimately, what made them decide to be financially bound together for the foreseeable future.

For now, let’s learn a bit more about Senkut and Busque, shall we?

Before starting Felicis Ventures (and serving as Managing Partner), Senkut was a senior manager at Google responsible for strategic partner development and account management in Asia Pacific. He joined the search giant in 1999 as its first product manager to launch Google’s first international sites. He then became the company’s first international sales manager.

Alongside an impressive portfolio of both angel and institutional investments, Senkut is about as well-rounded as a tech leader can be.

Kevin Busque, meanwhile, founded Guideline in 2015 and has since amassed more than 17,500 small businesses on to the platform with nearly $4 billion in assets under management. Before Guideline, Busque spent seven years at TaskRabbit where he was a cofounder and VP of Technology. Busque deeply understands what it takes to go from idea to MVP to product market fit to hyper growth.

This episode of Extra Crunch Live airs at 3pm ET/12pm PT on Wednesday, February 10.

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Senkut and Busque join an impressive list of guests on the show.

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See you on Wednesday!

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