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Navigo is a consulting company specialized in yachting, aimed at providing services to companies in the nautical sector and ports, in order to increase their competitiveness. Navigo directly aggregates 150 companies and around 500 with the management of the Tuscan and Sardinian Cluster. It operates in a context characterized by the presence of the main national production chain in the yachting industry, that boasts on the market of mega yachts (pleasure yachts over 24 meters) with an annual production of 25% of the world market, also thanks to the presence of 10 important production shipyards in the international context.

It is the organizer of YARE, Yachting Aftersales & Refit Experience, a business to business event between Captains and companies; it’s a partner of Fiera Milano for the organization of Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous, partner of Boat International for the organization of The World Superyacht Awards in Italy, organizer with IYBA of the B&St event, B2B between brokers and shipyards.

Also, Navigo is a founder and follows the organizational direction of ISYL – Italian Superyacht Life, ITS Foundation dedicated to train young captains.

Navigo with the District, belongs to two national clusters: Traporti Italia 2020 and Big Blue Growth. The company has begun in recent years a mission to reproduce its model in Sardinia and is currently creating a similar aggregate in Puglia and Malta.


Today the Mediterranean is an ideal place for yachting, considering its sea, its territories and the great variety of culture, food and wine, ports and places. For this reason the themes of development, standardization of services with great quality, infrastructure port, and service, can become a unique Mediterranean brand recognizable for those working in the sector at various levels: companies, yacht manufacturers, end users.

NAVIGO MED is a meta brand collecting all the individual territories that intend to aggregate bottom-up companies with the Navigo model, giving them quality services with decentralized and central structures for the most important ones and, at the same time, building a strategic path of valorization at European level of the nautical, port, tourist sector – enhancing it with sustainable and digital product and process innovations.

Navigo is launching the “Mediterranean Clearing House on Blue Economy”. The overall aim is to promote the concept and to foster international cooperation on the topic of Blue Economy, in particular in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The Clearing House aims to:

  • Set-up a web-portal where to share best practices, articles, initiatives and projects’ news among all the actors involved in the topic;
  • Engagement: Promote the website among private companies, institutions, and universities of the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • Engagement: Facilitate the establishment of international partnership and cooperation on projects related to Blue economy;
  • Promote synergies for joint fundraising;
  • Promote the sharing and analyses of best practices;
  • Organise brainstorming, roundtables and conferences;
  • Create a directory of entities and professionals engaged in the topic;
  • Promote the benefits of Blue Economy strategy;
  • Analytically investigate the economy of the sea, triggering a process of study and scientific/academic certification.



Pietro Angelini, CEO, Navigo Italia

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