Ali Baba – A Middle Eastern Journey Of Flavours


Situated at the heart of Gzira, lies one of Malta’s best exponents of Lebanese cuisine. Indeed, Ali Baba is a journey into Lebanese food culture which starts the moment you step into the outlet and ends once you leave the place. The tiles, the chandeliers, the copper pots and pans, and the plastered walls tell a piece of the humble roots of the Harb family. Every detail perfectly complements the delicious food prepared under the vigil eyes of chef patron Hany Harb.

It is often said not to judge a book by its cover. With one’s’ first glance at Hany, can be misleading. Behind that gentle outer crust, lies a strong, focused and very determined person with such a colourful mind, packed with concepts that will blow anyone’s mind. His philosophy is so avant grade and his work is a statement. His dishes include unconventional marriages which take Lebanese food to a different level. His philosophy focuses on new ways of dismantling traditional precepts of food, bringing experiential dining to the table.

The place creates a perfect marriage between the beauty of Lebanese food and the genuine taste of local produce. Every dish includes a piece of local food excellence which can be found in the presence of a simple herb or in the use of a fresh lamb cut or a piece of beef which are necessary to create traditional dishes such as Tabbouleh, Arayyes, Samboosak or Maghmour. Every dish is well accompanied by an impressive selection of local and Lebanese wines. No meal can end without a piece of Baqlewa or Mouhallabieh which offer that perfect sweet taste ending.

Ali Baba is indeed the perfect place for any occasion or for that night out when you wish to relax alone or with your loved ones.

Ali Baba


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