Air Malta celebrates the 100th issue of Il-Bizzilla


This month, Air Malta is celebrating the 100th issue of its inflight magazine, ‘Il-Bizzilla’. Each month, the magazine, which is found in every seat pocket on board Air Malta flights, accompanies passengers on their journeys and offers an interesting guide and showcase to what is happening on the Islands. It offers a unique journey of the cultural, heritage, history, and traditions of the beautiful Maltese Islands.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and the reduction in travellers, the magazine, produced in collaboration with agency TBWA\ANG, has maintained its monthly appointment with its readers presenting them with exciting and diverse content whilst inspiring them to explore, experience, and learn more about all that is Maltese. Through the lenses of creative photographers and talented editorial contributors, this inflight magazine documents the Islands’ attractions, landmarks, and off-the-beaten-track spots.

Every issue shares stories and interviews about local talent and all that is trending during a particular period. The monthly destination feature gives a detailed narrative and insight of a particular city on Air Malta’s route network. Monthly recipes celebrate culinary traditions, and many times local dishes are given a playful twist. Readers are also kept abreast on the Airline’s activities, highlights, and future plans.

This month, the cover features the collection of the 100th covers of past editions. In this edition the magazine ventures to Għargħur, to discover the offerings of this quaint village in its off the beaten track feature. There is also a feature about the jewel in Malta’s crown – Mdina, with its narrowing alleyways and medieval charm. This month, Chef Samuel Farruġia, whips up a storm in the kitchen with his sensational twist on the Maltese ‘ftira’.

The first issue, published in January 2013, gave homage to its name, Il-Bizzilla, the Maltese lace making tradition and its craftsmanship which can be traced back to the 16th Century.

The Airline wishes to thank all past editors and the current editor, Ms Dayna Camilleri Clarke, contributors, designers, publishers, advertisers and all those who have worked on the magazine’s production for their continuous support and interest.

Air Malta would also like to thank its customers and readers and looks forward to continue engaging with them and welcoming them onboard its flights very soon. One can view and read all the magazines here:

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