10 most popular countries in the World to Travel to in 2022

After two years of constant travel restrictions, we are finally daring to dream again. Travel lovers across the globe are desperate to book a flight to their next destination and to start to make up for the lost time. But which destinations should be at the top of our bucket list?

Holidu has put together a list of the must-visit countries for 2022! After analysing Google searches from the past 12 months, this ranking reveals the countries that people are most eager to visit.

Turkey – 102,100 searches per month

It’s official! Turkey is the most popular country for travellers this year. With a combined number of searches of more than 102k, this makes Turkey a clear favourite. Whether you fancy a beach trip to Antalya, a weekend city break to Istanbul, or a romantic escape to Cappadocia – Turkey has it all. The Turkish cuisine offers delicious specialities including meze boards and sweet treats like baklava. Yum!

Greece – 89,800 searches per month

It’s time to live out your greatest Mamma Mia fantasies! Greece is the second most searched for country when it comes to people planning their holidays. This country has an incredible offering of all things archaeology, history, art and philosophy, as well as some lovely beaches and crystal clear water – so everyone will be satisfied on holiday here! If that wasn’t enough, the Greek food is to die for. Souvlaki, anyone?

Maldives – 83,700 searches per month

In third place, we have the Maldives. Undoubtedly our most luxurious option on this list, the popularity of these stunning islands in the Indian Ocean has skyrocketed in recent years. White sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, and a vibrant underwater world… it’s no surprise why influencers flock to these stunning islands for their holidays. The country is home to over 100 resorts with their own private island, all of which boast their own incredible beaches, so you will be satisfied with whichever island you choose to visit.

Spain – 74,320 searches per month

The land of tapas, paella and sangria secures the fourth place position! Spain has always been an absolute favourite for British travellers, and 2022 is no different. Boasting some of the best beaches and most captivating mountain ranges in Europe, Spain has such a diverse landscape just waiting to be explored. Spain truly lives up to its stereotype of being full of people looking to enjoy life, be prepared to enjoy a fiesta or two whilst there.

Thailand – 57,200 searches per month

With Bangkok being revealed in 2021 as being the Best City in the World for a Workation, it’s no surprise that Thailand comes out near the top of the list of countries travellers are rushing to go to! Organise your itinerary wisely, as there is simply so much to see and do in this fantastic country. Go island hopping and marvel at the beaches of Thailand’s over 1400 islands! Ride a tuk tuk through the chaotic streets of Bangkok at night, indulge in some Thai street food, and visit some of the stunning temples the country is home to.

Cyprus – 53,600 searches per month

Cyprus is the sixth most popular country this year! Whether that’s due to its compelling culture and history, sun-soaked sandy beaches, or tasty local cuisine – we’ll leave that up to you to decide. A popular choice for families as well as groups of friends, Cyprus has plenty of activities to keep travellers entertained. Every water sport you can think of can be enjoyed, from water skiing to scuba diving. Food-wise, expect to enjoy some creamy hummus, mouth-watering halloumi, and typical kebabs.

Malta – 48,500 searches per month

Malta might be small but there is an abundance of reasons why it’s a favourite for travellers this year! This small archipelago is home to prehistoric temples, stunning landscapes, and fascinating history. Scuba diving enthusiasts will be in heaven, as the underwater world here is a vibrant one and the diving locations also feature many caves, crags, and wrecks. Valletta, the country’s capital, was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2018, meaning it is a vibrant centre of art, design, and architecture.

Mexico – 48,400 searches per month

In eighth place, we have Mexico! This country has so much more to offer than the typical party destination of Cancun. Head to Merida or Tulum to spend a day exploring the incredible cenotes. Visit Guanajuato to marvel at the beauty of a city made up of colourful buildings. Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to La Huasteca Potosina, a region that is dominated by breath-taking rivers and waterfalls. Foodies will rejoice while on holiday here! Treat yourself to some mouth-watering chilaquiles for breakfast, enjoy some classic quesadillas for lunch and tuck into some unbeatable tacos at a local taqueria in the evening.

Italy – 45,400 searches per month

Arguably most popular for its world-famous cuisine, Italy is a dream destination for any foodies out there! Try some pizza in Naples, carbonara in Rome, and bruschetta in Tuscany. Thirsty? Head to Venice for an authentic Aperol Spritz! Cuisine aside, Italy is the country with more World Heritage cultural sites than any other country in the world, so it’s a true gem for travellers interested in exploring these legendary places.

Iceland – 44,600 searches per month

Last but not least, Iceland secures its place as the 10th most popular country in the world for travel in 2022. If you’re a lover of dramatic landscapes made up of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and lava fields, then Iceland is the destination for you! Spending a day at the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is not to be missed, and if you’re interested in Iceland’s Viking history, visit the National and Saga museums in Reykjavik.

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