February 22, 2021 AvatarMediterranean Observer

The Future of Travel in the Covid-19 Era

What You Need To Know We may not know much about when it will be safe to resume traveling internationally, or how soon after that countries will begin to lift travel restrictions. What we do know is that travel will be fundamentally different on the other side. Airlines, airports, cruise lines, and hotels will all […]

January 10, 2020 AvatarMediterranean Observer

Over 7 million passengers passed through this Mediterranean airport in 2019 alone

Malta International Airport recorded 7,310,289 passenger movements in 2019, therefore marking the tenth year of traffic growth for one of the Mediterranean’s competitive airports. This also meant an increase of 7.4% over passenger traffic in 2018. The MIA said in a statement that this record growth also goes hand-in-hand with a 7.3% increase in seat […]

January 8, 2020 AvatarMediterranean Observer

Five travel hacks for the perfect 2020 getaway

Jetting off for a few days, weeks, or months, has become easier with so many low-cost airlines offering travel packages for all occasions. The challenge for any travel lover is to adapt ‘travel hacks’ to ease the experience. Whether knowing which websites to scour for the best offers, or mastering packing your suitcase for long […]

December 31, 2019 AvatarMediterranean Observer

This Mediterranean airport welcomed its 7 millionth passenger

Last week, Malta International Airport welcomed its seven millionth passenger for the year, reaching a new traffic milestone. The MIA currently employs 3,000 individuals whose commitment to the company and the well-being of the passengers has driven this rise in passenger traffic.  

December 27, 2019 AvatarMediterranean Observer

These Mediterranean destinations are among the ‘best destinations for 2020’

New York based travel magazine Travel + Leisure has just issued its top 50 picks for 2020’s best travel destinations, and the Mediterranean has made it to the list! This comes as no surprise of course, seeing as the climate, history, culture and cuisine of the Mediterranean alone are major drivers of the hospitality industry […]

December 17, 2019 AvatarMediterranean Observer

Maritime Tourism and the Mediterranean

The cultural wealth and great diversity of the Mediterranean are anything but the only reason tourists flock to the centre of the globe so often. Its endless choice of coastal areas make any of its islands a preferred destination for holidaymakers across and beyond mainland Europe, making coastal or maritime tourism an important branch of […]

The Mediterranean will kick your winter blues this year

Not all of us want to spend our Christmases in coats and scarves. Some of us want a taste of the seemingly distant summer while still enjoying the cool December air, and no corner of the world can offer this if not the Mediterranean. If you are still unsure as to where to have your […]

The Mediterranean- ideal for Religious Tourism?

Sports tourism, business tourism, medical tourism, and yes, religious tourism is also an emerging niche in tourism worth investing in. While all types of tourism need to be catered for, religious tourism, particularly in the Mediterranean region, can be the single most powerful hospitality tool for Mediterranean states. The centre of the globe has been […]

Why Malta is an ideal winter destination

One of the Mediterranean’s top diving destinations might not seem like the obvious choice for this year’s winter holiday, but Malta has a lot more to offer than beaches and sunshine. Many tourists have commented on how Malta has become their go-to for a short winter break for different reasons. From idyllic spots for a […]

MORE tourists have flocked to this Mediterranean island over the summer

The Mediterranean island of Malta has seen a 6% increase in tourist arrivals between July and September. A recent survey published by the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, the MHRA and the Deliotte also confirms that this increase has also resulted in total expenditure of €871 million, a increase of 3.4% when compared to the […]

These Mediterranean Christmas setups will ignite your holiday spirit

The most wonderful time of the year brings with it a special dose of holiday destinations, perfect for setting the festive cheer. Whether you’re jet-setting to catch pre-Christmas sales or offers or you just want to lay low and take in the festive atmosphere, the Mediterranean is the place to be this Christmas. These five […]
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