Malta | Over €1.4million in Government Vouchers spent during First Week of Use

80,000 have received printed vouchers

Government vouchers worth €1.4million were used in the first week since the new scheme became operational, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said on Thursday.

Some 117,485 people downloaded their vouchers digitally until the June 4 deadline and were able to begin using them on June 7. The rest are receiving printed vouchers by mail.

€765,525 in red vouchers, which can be redeemed at restaurants and accommodation, and €665,370 in blue vouchers, valid for retail and services, have been spent.

Schembri said that it was not possible for anyone to apply for digital vouchers now that the deadline had expired.

As of Wednesday, some 80,000 people had already received their physical vouchers in the mail, while a further 328,251 vouchers are in the process of being delivered through registered mail.

All vouchers can continue to be used until September 15.

In order to receive the vouchers for a household, a person must present an ID card and sign for them on behalf of all the people living at the address.

In case of a missed delivery, a delivery note will be left at the premises and the vouchers may be picked up at the nearest postal branch on presentation of an ID card.

A total of 6,479 outlets accept vouchers, with 3,834 accepting blue vouchers, 2,473 accepting red vouchers and 172 which accept both. The total is 690 more outlets than in the first scheme last year.

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