Malta | COVID vouchers extended to October with €12 million yet to be redeemed

Economy minister Silvio Schembri said that the COVID spending vouchers scheme will be extended till the end of October, as €12 million worth of vouchers are still to be redeemed.

Originally the vouchers were launched on 7 June and had to be redeemed by 15 September.

This was the second round of €100 vouchers, distributed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in order to stir up economy activity and aid businesses recover from the pandemic. €40 are redeemable in retial, whilst the other €60 are redeemable at restaurants, bars and hotels.

74% of the vouchers have been redeemed until now.

Around 29,000 persons, the majority of which are foreigners that reside in Malta, have not yet picked up the vouchers.

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