Malta Business Bureau and HSBC Malta recognise key contributors to the INVEST+ Financial Literacy Project

The Malta Business Bureau and the HSBC Malta Foundation recently concluded the INVEST+ project, which sought to improve levels of financial literacy in Malta through mentoring sessions, workshops and a web-series on finance, accounting, savings and investment. Financially literate individuals do not only manage their money with more confidence on a personal or professional level, but also have a better chance of preventing and managing any emergency situations that they may encounter.

Speaking on behalf of the HSBC Malta Foundation, Executive Director & Head of Business Development, Michel Cordina stated, “Financial literacy education needs to start at the youngest age possible to enable an individual to live a fulfilling life. The HSBC Malta Foundation has been a proud supporter of this important project by the MBB as it enhances people’s financial literacy skills and encourages them to share this knowledge, which leaves a significant social impact on their personal network. I would therefore like to thank both the Foundation and those HSBC staff members who volunteered as mentors for their contribution towards making the INVEST+ project successful.”

In his address, MBB CEO, Joe Tanti said, “The results of this programme are far-reaching as all those people whose skills have been developed in the framework of INVEST+ will continue educating their peers. As the implementation arm of any project is of crucial importance, we have placed increased attention to delivering the best learning experience possible to those involved in the project. We would like to thank the HSBC Malta Foundation for their long-standing support.”

INVEST+ Project Manager, Marija Elena Borg gave on overview on the project’s highlights throughout the last two years. She emphasised how, “In spite of COVID-19 and the ensuing disruptions to the project’s timeline, we managed to successfully adapt our work programme, particularly by producing a mini web-series that has already reached more than 30,000 people.”

Ms Borg noted that this initiative would not have been possible without:

  • The active engagement of participants who were all eager to improve their level of financial literacy
  • The support of a select number of HSBC employees – ranging from graduates to directors – who willingly committed themselves to mentor INVEST+ participants throughout the programme’s lifetime

The INVEST+ Project was run by the Malta Business Bureau in collaboration with the HSBC Malta Foundation between September 2019 and October 2021.

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