Hospitality Insights Webinar | How to Create Memorable Experiences that Matter & Connect with Customers

Restaurant owners have been forced to quickly come up with new adaptations on menus, points of service, hours, delivery and takeout models that better serve their local communities just to keep the lights on.

The new definition of dining has been for awhile , STAYING HOME – Place an order for a meal with your restaurant – Have your food delivered home.

Is this here to stay, and what do restaurants need to stay relevant?

Hospitality Insights host Sam-Erik Ruttmann, will be discussing with his next guest Zana Usher, CEO & Founder ZD Hospitality about creating memorable moments, and make the restaurant guests feel special. It is just the first stage of a successful customer experience.

Today it is NOT enough to meet customer expectations since you are competing with millions of experiences, plus your customers are really smart and empowered. You must exceed customer expectations and create a memorable experience.

Join Hospitality Insights on Tuesday 25th May 2021 at 19:00hrs (Malta Time)

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